Year of the Rooster!

"I am on hand the herald the day, 

and to announce its exit. 

I thrive by clockwork and precision. 

In my unending quest for perfection

all things will be restored to

their rightful place. 

I am the exacting taskmaster, 

the ever watchful administrator. 

I seek perfect order in my world. 

I represent unfailing dedication. 



-- Theodora Lau



Today is the celebration of the Chinese lunar new year.  From a lunar calendar, this is actually the first day of Spring! I know it seems a bit early, but check in and notice if you've been feeling a bit more energetic as of late?  Do you have a little more pep in your step now, as compared to the beginning of the month? That is SPRING energy! 


And, this year is the year of the Rooster.  The Rooster is here to give us the WAKE UP call that we all need! If you think of the qualities of a boisterous rooster, that's what this year will bring out in all of us.  This year is about puffing out your chest, tapping into your confidence and taking back your personal power.  It's about being a presence in the world, not being passive, but an active participant in your life!


 More rooster qualities include: acute, neat, organized, meticulous, decisive, upright, alert & direct.  As opposed to the crazy, spontaneous, and disorganized monkey year of 2016. This year will hopefully be a little more settled, but still expect some fireworks, as this year is a Fire year.  Considering the instability of a fire year, it is wise to make plans & follow through with them this year. The Rooster loves ideas and dreams, but since he cannot fly, there can tend to be a lot of talk, with little action.  Knowing this can help you watch your tendency to stay in your comfort zone and call yourself on it when need be. The rooster challenges us to step out and be bold!


Wishing you a wonderful year of the Rooster, 


Trish, Taylor & The Spring team