Herbal medicine is one of the most ancient forms of medicine on the planet, bringing wisdom of plants & minerals into our modern world today. Standing the test of time, herbal medicine provides us with a highly sophisticated way of treating many conditions in the body and mind by seeking to treat the root cause of disease, not only just controlling symptoms.

Since herbs often work more effectively when given with other herbs, we will carefully design the appropriate formula for you, which can address many symptoms at one time.

We offer individual herbal medicine consults as well as herbal consults in conjunction with acupuncture treatment or nutrition consults.  The herbs are prescribed as raw herb formulas, powdered decoctions, tinctures, and/or capsule form.

Adding herbal medicine to your daily regime will give you lasting results and will aid in increasing the long term affects of the acupuncture treatments as well.

Stay tuned for providers as we have some new practitioners joining us soon!