Yoga is a must in our every day life. When the body is still for long periods of time solids in the tissues begin to settle, muscles begin to atrophy, and connective tissues and joints dry out. This manifests as symptoms, sensations, or heightened awareness. Our job as human beings is to learn this language of our body so that we can help ourselves be well. Yoga not only gives us the time and space to become more and more deeply aware of to our body's language, it actually helping us to break up adhesions and stagnations, gives our body minor stressors to jump start our immune system and build back stronger. It is our way of communicating back with our body asking it to send more hydration and blood flow to different parts of the body. Our body know how to be well, it is just waiting for us to listen and learn how.

There are a number of reasons why some of us may benefit from private yoga sessions in conjunction with or as opposed to group classes. These reasons could range from schedule conflicts to specific health issues. Wherever you fall we are here to support you!

For Private Yoga Sessions please email


$90 per session

$399 for 5 sessions