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2017 Your Year, Your Transformation

Transform Your Body
Tanya Proffitt will guide students through a 6 week progression of core & upper body strengthening using a combination of free weight & floor core exercises. Tanya will help you improve posture, build a more stable, powerful abdomen & lower back structure, & sculpt your shoulders & arms. Students will use low weights with high repetitions in order to avoid tightness & bulk & instead create longer, leaner muscles, increased bone density, & provide a firm foundation for a stronger yoga practice & daily life.
Tuesdays & Thursdays *NEW TIME* 6-7pm
Starting January 10th

Transform Your Eating
Nutritionist, Taylor Fury, offers her 6 week New Years Nutrition program for a second year! Come explore food & its relationship to the body on a physical, mental, & spiritual level. Study major nutrition topics to educate your edible decisions. Get hands on in the kitchen with quick and easy nutrient dense recipes. Practice self responsibility with compassion, not blame. Support each other with unique individual wisdom. Take home everything discussed /cooked in class as well as new recipes and practices to explore outside of class.
Mondays 6:30-8:30pm
Starting January 9th


$180, Before Dec. 31

$220, After Dec. 31


$320, Before Dec. 31

$400, After Dec. 31

Earlier Event: December 29
Core Strength with Daniel Hickman